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Will Written After We Died

"This is our will that we wrote well after we had died.

Tell us what to do with this chagrin and fury. We are crying for our descendants.

What did they do to our children? Their souls are so numb as traumatized losers once broken down for their aggressive passion that they don’t even know what the word "emotion" means. Their brains are so dumb as capitalists' obedient machines that they don’t even know how to think and make decisions of their own.

If you hear us, please, instead of making our children live as if they are dead in the time of Aporia, cut their throats open and let them scream. Please stab their eyes and let them shed blood instead of tears. Please tear their bellies apart and let them drag the insides out, including their frustrations and agony captivated in the prison cell of the unspoken rules of social courtesy.

And chop off their limbs so that they can understand what freedom is really about. The freedom that all of the members signing this will died for.

Let our children feel. Let them think. Let them speak. Let them scream.

Let them live and let us rest in peace."